Saturday, 30 November 2013

3 fun obsessions I've been having recently

If you've read many of my other posts, you'll probably have realised by now that I get obsessed with things REALLY easily. It is a natural trait that was exacerbated by being a student and having endless time to waste, making me more obsessive than ever. I'm going to share with you a few phases I've been going through, partly in the hope that you'll get obsessed with them too and we can geek out about them together. Deal? Cool.
Shhh Regina, I'm not talking about you.
1) The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
I know that I'm very late to this party, so late that it's not even fashionably late, but I discovered the Lizzie Bennet Diaries on YouTube two weeks ago and was hooked from the moment I clicked the play button. If you don't already know, the Lizzie Bennet Diaries are basically a modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice created in the style of a vlog. Lizzie Bennet is a 24-year-old grad student who records her life through a video blog, detailing the reaction of her marriage-obsessed mother upon hearing about their new neighbour, soon-to-be doctor Bing Lee; her crush on swimming coach George Wickham; and above all, her distaste for a certain pompous CEO William Darcy.

Anyway, I think the series is 7 hours long in total. As soon as I finished it last Friday, I immediately started to miss it, so I watched it through again. I finished it again yesterday. This morning I went back to the beginning. Having read about the diaries before I thought they sounded kind of cheesy, but they're actually clever and witty, like the book. Also, it has a great theme tune. Just watch it, you won't regret it.

2) Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels
This is a really long-running obsession, but one of my favourites. There is nothing in the world like SMOKED SALMON. If you have a craving for smoked salmon, nothing else will satisfy. And the creaminess of the cheese and the firm bite of the bagel... it's the absolute best combination of anything ever. 
I am literally salivating looking at this photo. My stomach is growling menacingly. At uni I would sometimes have a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but now that funds are in slightly short supply I've had to limit myself to maybe one a week (unless I manage to sneak it onto my parents' shopping list). But fear not - love never dies.

(Oh my word, why did I write about this?? I feel like there's a smoked-salmon-and-cream-cheese-bagel-shaped hole in my stomach.)

3) The Wicked soundtrack
Alex and I saw Wicked last Saturday in London and I LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT. It was much funnier and less cheesy than I thought it would be. Also, Elphaba reminded me and Alex of Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory, which is always a good thing. 
Now that I know the story I feel like I finally understand the songs. I always liked 'Defying Gravity', but now I can't stop listening to it and humming it and singing it under my breath. I've woken up with it in my head every day this week. My Spotify history will testify that I've literally listened to nothing else. And I don't want to. Why listen to anything other than Wicked? This is a very surprising statement from me, considering my commitment to playing nothing but Christmas music from October to December. At the moment, 'Dominick the Donkey' simply won't cut it.


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