Saturday, 16 November 2013

23 gems from GraceBot

In a fit of extreme laziness, this post has been written by a machine. Everyone's been trying out the new What Would I Say? app on Facebook, which generates statuses by mashing up everything you've ever said on Facebook and churning it out to make it look like something you might say. Well, if it can generate statuses, why not a whole blog post, eh? Here are 23 things that I, apparently, might say:

Well basically in my dream I was ron weasley...
thinks mauresmo looks like someone else called simon who loves bolsheviks!

Alex is not gay any more.

i should just pretend the essay is an egg!

the lord of the rings soundtrack is loving nick clegg!

Lizzy McCauley and the fresh prince, not that hot.

i don't know. oh my goodness i could hear two men chatting outside my door and what THEY kiss...

Alex is being a prison cell once more..

is so much more like bambi on fri
is so gutted I didn't see you KILLED MY MOTHER!!!

Your sister did really well i've only been chased halfway across campus by various wildfowl...

Yay for the smell of faith's hair!!

It's really weird being able to get married!!!

downton abbey time to fly through my wall in shock.

genuinely just been chased halfway across campus by that flippin figes...
haha thanks for sellotape hahahaha!

My grandma has got a massive rush of rappers

no, i think i may explode in the royal wedding!!!!!!

your face is on my face?

no it was the silliest doctor who episode of ugly betty!!

i don't usually think Lizzy McCauley is now the bermuda triangle?!

just got a super fit spouse I have spoken too soon...

hopes everyone has a fascination with lizloz mccauley, who rang our school!!

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