Monday, 25 March 2013

Literary t-shirts, old sport

It's taken over a month, but finally my Great Gatsby t-shirt is here! Yay!

I got it off eBay, but it's made by a company called Out Of Print Clothing, based in the US. They do a whole range of clothes and accessories that are adorned with classic book covers. I went with Gatsby because it's in my head at the moment (isn't the film opening the Cannes Film Festival?), but they do loads of stuff with other iconic book covers on, like The Clockwork Orange, 1984, Brave New World, Pride and Prejudice, and so many more.
As a massive fan of book cover art and literature in general, I really love this brand. The t-shirt is also a nice fit, and made from soft material.
The other great thing about Out Of Print Clothing is that for every product they sell, they donate one book to a community through the charity Books For Africa.
I don't want book cover art to become obsolete as the electronic reader becomes increasingly more popular, and this is my way of showing it. Go Gatsby!

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  1. Never read the book myself but I'm quite pleased that the forthcoming Great Gatsby movie seems to be prompting a revival of 1920s fashion. Big fan of that era.