Friday, 29 March 2013

A very Good Friday to you

I'm home and I'm off work for a week and a half - time to pardy with a d (is it still ok to say that?). We are having our Easter dinner today because my sister is going to France tomorrow, and so I took advantage of this amazing recipe on Facebook and made Cadbury Creme Egg brownies! They look delish, I can't wait to try them.
By the way, this is my first time using the Blogger app on my phone, I can't really decide if I like it - it's kind of limited in terms of editing options. Handy for on-the-go updates, though.
That's all for now, folks, but I hope you all have great Easters, and remember the real reason behind it :)

[30/03/13 EDIT: I actually hate the Blogger app, it ruined the layout. All sorted now, but sticking to laptop from now on. Oh, and the brownies are A-MAZ-ING with a capital A, M, A... yeah, you get the picture. Toodle-oo.]

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