Saturday, 9 February 2013

Why I Can't Wait to Graduate

Hello folks, Rosie here. Grace and I have been having a bit of a debate: Graduation, scary or exciting? Of course it's all about the mixed feelings for the majority of undergraduates but I for one am ever so excited.
University life is ending despite the fact that I'm only just coming to terms with the fact that young children will refer to me as a "lady", I don't feel like a lady! However, the many hurdles that lie before me prior to reaching the auspicious date do make me yearn for a freer life after graduation. With this in mind, I have compiled the following list detailing the 5 things I am most looking forward to after graduating.

1. No more exams!! (At least for the foreseeable future) This is the major benefit to post-uni life, which I'm sure many students can identify with. Additionally, no more waiting upon results, I feel exams would be far more tolerable if I could remain forever ignorant of the result.
2. I can finally get around to reading the growing pile of books on my shelves. I currently read constantly but unfortunately I can't say I'm enjoying reading about Surrealism as much as I want to know whether J.K. Rowling's Casual Vacancy is any good.
3. I can get my very own dog. Having lived in student accommodation for the last 2 and a half years a pet has always been out of the question but I feel certain that there is a sausage dog in my future! I don't think this will be altogether possible, my life may be too uncertain to commit to sharing it with a canine. However, I have been taking breaks out of work to search for my future dog, I think he/she will look like this (see below)
4. Move slightly closer to home/my family. I absolutely love living in York but living so very far away from home has proved difficult at times. I've missed many a birthday. The only problem is that I am also keen to travel and I am of the opinion that if not now when?! So it looks like this is another one on the list that will have to wait because come August I'm off!
5. Now this may sound like a peculiar thing to say but I'm sort of looking forward to failing, I am under no illusions, failure is of course one of the only events I can predict with certainty. I think there is a sense of just waiting for life to begin, and saving your life when you're at university and I feel ready to get on with both the good and bad moments. I am well aware of how sentimental this sounds so I'm going to stop.

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  1. That dog is such a cutie and i understand completely what you mean about failing. Sometimes it's just nice for something to be over whether the result is a good or bad one.