Sunday, 27 January 2013

Welcome to Alma Grove!

Well, hello and a hearty welcome to Alma Grove! This blog, run by Rosie and myself, will be a delightful concoction of recipes, photos, thoughts, reviews and generally stuff that pops into our heads as we savour our final months as art history students in York. We'll probably also end up using it to settle our various debates about today's society, current affairs and which Jane Austen heroine is the best.

This is how the blog started. A couple of days ago, I came home from the library and knocked on Rosie's door. The following conversation ensued:

Grace: Hey, how was the symposium? [Rosie had to go to an art history symposium that day, it's not like something that we do on a regular basis!]
Rosie: Yeah, it was okay. Grace, I was thinking, we should write a blog!
Grace: Yes!! That is such a good idea!!

After that, we brainstormed names and aims, and this is the result! We don't really know how exactly it will evolve, but I, for one, am brimming with excitement about it all.

Rosie just said, "We shall be the brightest star in the blogosphere!" How embarrassing. I shall end this inaugural blog post with a much less cheesy line.

Let us pass through the archway into Blogland and begin the journey of Alma Grove!

[12/4/13 EDIT:  A couple of weeks after this conversation, Rosie became disenchanted with the blogosphere and decided to leave the blog in my hands. She did write one post, but couldn't really be bothered to write any more. Bless her.]

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